Praesidium is the first Private Investment Office in Italy, and one of the very few structures of this kind in Europe: headquartered in Milan and New York, the firm analyses investments opportunities globally, with a strong focus on the North American market

Who We Are

Praesidium identifies and selects the best managers and club deals in Private Equity, Private Real Estate, Private Debt and Venture Capital anywhere in the world.

Praesidium is totally independent and controlled by the founding families and the management team.

We build on the unique know-how, track record and global experience of the members of our Board and Committees who together they represent several hundred years of experience in the financial markets and enable a sophisticated interdisciplinary approach.


A seasoned and experienced patrimony of interdisciplinary competences, with a common thread of the highest professional and ethical standards in the financial services industry in Europe and the US, it interacts on a continuous basis with the two Committees.


Gathering some of the best known professionals at global level in the Private Equity and Real Estate world, it supports the identification, structuring, negotiation and investments in the best club deals and funds in Private Markets worldwide.


Made up of prominent technical experts, it provides high-profile, conflict-free, independent advisory and technical opinions to Praesidium’s management and Board of Directors.


Our Guiding Principles

We sincerely believe that our business model, while based on pre-existing and successful experiences, is truly unique in the international Private Investment Office landscape: while many players around the world adopt single features of our model, we assume to be among the very few that strictly follow the following «core values»:


We are genuinely independent: our capital is entirely held by the founding families and management of Praesidium.


We have elected to be fully regulated as an AIFM (Alternative Investments Fund Manager) in the European Union.


All managers and founding families of Praesidium are the first investors in every single deal, thereby eliminating any conflict of interest.


We not only adhere to regulatory compliance, but indeed apply the deepest intellectual honesty and professionalism to our work