We invest in and co-invest with the best funds in the world in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate, with the aim of generating superior returns for our Club Members and tangible value-add for the managers with whom we partner and for their portfolio companies

Our Investment Philosophy

We engineer the best solutions for our Club Members to access the best of the Private Markets industry globally.
Praesidium identifies, screens, and executes investments in a “club-deal” structure with the best and hardest-to-access managers in the world: we invest in the funds run by these top-tier managers and make high value add co-investments alongside them in the best deals globally.

Praesidium has a seasoned and experienced Investment Committee, made up of highly talented internal and independent members who share the following common features:

  • international experience at the highest level
  • outstanding investment track record
  • undisputed industry knowledge
  • highly respected professionalism

Praesidium implements a radically innovative approach for investing in global Private Markets, based on “thematic value-added investing”.

Our process is articulated in three key steps:


Limited themes based on structural and growing importance at macro level and/or major market dislocations


For each theme, investing in the top 3-5 “champions” of the sector, leveraging established relationships built in the last 30 years at global level

Identifying value added co-investments and club deals

We co-invest in the best deals of our partner funds, contributing international growth opportunities, commercial agreements and follow-on acquisitions